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Big Bug Books is a graded educational reading and life-skills series for children, ages 5-12 years, featuring the characters KIERIE & KRIEKIE®. The following languages are supported:
Afrikaans, Chichewa, English, Hausa, Igbo, isiXhosa, isiZulu, Kinyarwanda, Kiswahili, Luganda, Luo, Shona and Yoruba.
Paula Raubenheimer, an occupational therapist wrote and illustrated the readers and Dr. Hannie Menkveld, a foundation/elementary phase educator wrote the teacher manuals. This is a small publishing business. We don’t have an accounts- or graphic department or legal guys…if you phone just ask for Paula.

The books are graded from
visual literacy (no words) to fluency
There are 4 colour-coded levels in the set:
-blue -yellow -orange -red.
Each book is colour coded and numbered. The two characters,
Kierie & Kriekie®
 are anthropomorphic and appear throughout the series thus promoting continuity. 

Teacher manuals (available in English and Afrikaans only)cover:

  • language skills
  • comprehension skills
  • perceptual skills
  • life skills
  • drama techniques 
  • art techniques

Additional FREE word cards, letter cards, work sheets and answer sheets form part of the whole package and should be used in conjunction with the readers and teacher manuals. You will find these worksheets in the toolbar at the top.


How can I purchase printed material?

We are selling off all printed Afrikaans books in sets of 24 books at R 600 which includes transport costs. Please email paula@bb-books.co.za for any information on this.  I will need the quantities you require as well as your address. This special only applies to SA customers while stocks last. The titles are:
Roomys, Waar is ons?, Li, la, pi, pa, 1, 2, 3, A is vir?, Sit, Pote, sit! (Level 0): Wie is ons?, Die dokter, Die vis, Op die dak, Die ongeluk, Die haas en die hok (level 1): Die boks, Kyk Kierie, kyk!, Die melktert, Kriekie, Die bullebak, Die pienk paddatjie (level 2): Die beursie, Die pofadder, Op die bus, Oupa gaan hospitaal toe, Ons gaan kamp, Mamma Aarde (level 3).

No teacher manuals are included in the “print deal”. They are available Electronically. No other material is printed.

ONCE ALL PRINTED BOOKS ARE SOLD, WE WILL NOT BE PRINTING  ANYMORE. It simply is too expensive to print, store and distribute books if you are small like us! But fear not, small is beautiful!

…if you can get hold of me you can also order from Takealot at this link! http://www.takealot.com/foundation-phase-learning-grondslagfase-leesreeks/PLID38535396

What about reading on electronic devices?

All the material can be purchased on Amazon for your Kindle and all others devices. Simply download the Kindle app on your device and purchase the material through Amazon. Dowload the free Kindle for PC app (or Kindle for Mac) from Amazon.com. 

Here is the link: 


If you want the English and/or Afrikaans teacher manuals, here is the link:


For teachers in South Africa who want to pay in Rands and possibly make large purchases for reading on iOs and Android tablets, go to the Snapplify store and contact them for bulk purchases. Here is the link: store.snapplify.com.

Can I read the books for free on my cell/mobile phone?

YES! The books can be read on the Worldreader mobile app for free. Worldreader has mobile apps that allow you to read lots of material on your feature and/or smart phone for free. Download the biNu app on your phone. You will see the Worldreader app within the biNu app. Look under children/education to find Kierie & Kriekie. On Opera you will also find a large library of free books. Here is the link http://read.worldreader.org/

To find out more visit Worldreader.


If you are looking for the legal documents to Big Bug Books please go to credentials in the toolbar above.

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